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Adolf Hitler

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BORN ; April 20th, 1889



Early Days - 1889-1908 Early Days - 1889-1908 

     He was raised and born in a small town in Austrian of Braunau near the German border. Hitlers parents came from poor peasant families. His father is was born in Strones, Austria in 1837. Hitler married Klara Polzl in 1885 and they had five childern but only Hitler and his younger sister Paula survived to become adults out of the five kids. Adolf went to school from the age of six. Him and his family lived in villages of Linz, which is east of Braunau. By that time he had a younger brother and his name was Edmund but he lived till he was six. Paula was Adolf Hitler's sister and she lived longer than him, In 1896.


Adolf Hitler did poor in school and left. He was completing his schooling but he wanted to become an artist. Aloise Hitler, which would be Adolf Hitler's father had died when Adolf was thirteen, so Klara ended up raising Adolf and Paula on her own. At the ages sixteen and nineteen, Adolf worked to earn his keep, and studied formally, but he gained interest in politics and history. During that time, he applied for admission to the Vienne Academy Of Fine Arts.

The Vagabond - 1909-1913 [1]

Adolf Hitler's mother died from cancer when Adolf was about nineteen and all his relatives were willing or able to support him. In 1909, Adolf moved to Vienna with hope of moving on with his life, and start with a new beginning. Within a yeah he ended up living in homeless shelters and started eating at charity soup-kitchens. He denied regular employment and he sold some of his paintings and made advertising poster so he could provide nourishes.


Munich and The Great War - 1913-1918 [3]

In 1913 Adolf Hitler, still poor, moved to Southern Germany. "In 1914 the outbreak of the First World War, he volunteered for service in the German army, and was accepted into the 16th Bavarian Reserve Infantry Regiment". "Hitler was good at what he did, and fought bravely, so he was promoted to corporal and decorated with both the Iron Cross Second Class and First Class, the latter of which he wore until his dying day." In 1918, Hitler ended up in the hospital from temporary blindness by a British gas attack in the Ypes Salient. By December 1918 he returned recovered.


                                                            DEATH OF ADOLF HITLER-


April 30th, 1945. Adolf Hitlers death is very confusing, and people think many different thoughts about his death. No one really know's what really happened. Most people think that Hitler committed suicide



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